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As I've already said, this page only applies to companies, larger club teams and teams not involved in club racing. I'm grateful for work from any company, be they involved in motorsport or not.

I have two payment schemes: fixed price and per hour.

Fixed price means I give you a price for the whole design and coding, and if the work takes a long time, then it takes a long time and you don't need to pay more. But because it could also take a short while if the going's good and you approve a design early on, then this method might cost more than the actual time I work for.

Therefore, I have a
fee per hour method where you can pay me for how long I work. The advantage of this is that you can pay me over a period of time as I complete work, and also the payment rate does not vary for difficult work. The disadvantage of this is that should the site take longer to create (maybe there are difficult or time consuming areas) so you might end up paying more.

I use these two methods as I'm trying to be fair to you- it allows you to decide the most convenient and cost-effective way to get the job done. I'm interested in working for a fair pay, not to rip you off. However, I'm not going to work for peanuts, because it is I that will suffer.
Option   Service Fixed Price Per Hour
1   • Site design (approved by you)
• Image manipulation - up to 15 images
• 10 hand-coded pages plus template
• 2 advertising banners plus link banner
£200 £15
2   • Site design (approved by you)
• Image manipulation - up to 30 images
• 20 hand-coded pages plus template
• 3 advertising banners plus 2 link banners
£400 £15
3   • Site design (approved by you)
• Image manipulation - up to 50 images
• 35 hand-coded pages plus template
• 4 advertising banners plus 3 link banners
£600 £15

I charge £10 per non-animated banner. If you want more than one, subsequent banners are discounted to £5 per item.

Animated banners are £15 and are not discounted because of the work involved.

If you require HTML work to maintain your website, I offer a fee per hour, rather than the fixed rates of the professionals. It works out cheaper and fairer.


Well, if you just wanted a couple of easy things changed, a fixed rate would cost the same as that for something more difficult. Per hour rate means you're only paying for the time I'm tapping away at the keyboard.

My charge per hour is £10 which is split by half if I don't work for the entire hour (e.g. 1½ hours = £15)

I am open to a fixed rate payment, but it really depends on the nature of the work.

The umbrella term 'other' encompasses:

• Javascript
• Solitary image manipulation (not combined with site design)
• Proof-reading
• Anything else you might need concerning websites

I cannot give prices for these because of the wide variety. I would first appraise the type and difficulty of work you require, then give you a fixed or per-hour price depending on your wishes.
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